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  1. Gene Holub

    Good morning — I hope this message reaches someone who can help me or direct me in the right direction. I’m looking for blueprints, diagrams, information on the LV’s 2-10-2 class R-1 Santa Fes. I have purchased an Overland Models C&O class B-1 Santa Fe. As I think is commonly known, the C&O purchased these engines from the LV and modified them for their purposes. I have a builder who is willing to work on the C&O engine and un- modify it back to its original LV appearance. However, I need information, as much as possible. Looking through my reference material I see information, even photos, are scarce. Any assistance would be great! Thank you in advance.

    1. golarimer@gmail.com

      Gene, I would suggest putting this question to the ARHS Facebook page or to the ARHS website.

  2. David Faust

    Dave Faust here–Tucson Arizona. My great grand father was killed in an accident at Delano Junction Jan. 1920. Slipped on an icy ladder and was killed. I have been able to find some interesting data on Delano in 1875 and later in the 20th Century. etc. I have found a couple of photos of the Delano yard as well as a couple of photos of the steam engines used there.
    Does anyone know what type of engine was used to haul out the coal cars, or what switchers were used??

    I have gone to MapQuest to see what is left there. There still seems to be one-two lines in the town with what seems to be numerous tanker cars. Are there any buildings from 1920 still there.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


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