Diesel Locomotive Horns

The following diesel horn pages were organized by Chuck Davis. The information was compiled and provided to the ARHS by Carl Ragoza.  Carl started out as a LV employee in the mid 1950’s.  He then moved out west and was a fairly well known Southern Pacific engineer before his passing.

Lehigh Valley diesel engines used one or more of the following type horns as indicated:

  • (A)  Wabco A-6, B-6
  • (B)  Leslie A-200 (also known as Bull Horns)
  • (C)  Leslie A-125
  • (C*)  Leslie A-175
  • (D)  Leslie S-1 (one chime).
  • (D*)  Leslie S-2 (two chime).
  • (E)  Leslie S-3 (three chime).
  • (F)  Nathan M-3 (all bells forward).
  • (G)  Nathan M-3 R1 (middle bell faces backward).
  • (H)  Nathan M-3 R2,4 (the two outside bells face backward).
  • (I)  Nathan M-2 R2 (the #4 bell is blocked off & #2 bell faces backward.) (Two chime).
  • (J)  Nathan P-2 R1 (two chime).
  • (J*)  Nathan P-2 (all bells face forward).
  • (K)  Nathan P-3 R2 (Three chime).
  • (K*)  Nathan P-3 R1,4 (Two bells faced backward).
  • (L)  Wabco E-2 (one chime long bell).
  • (M)  Nathan N-3 (the early version of the three chime air horn similar to the M-3)

Click on the links below to find pages detailing which horns were used on which Lehigh Valley diesel engines: