Modeling Passenger Equipment

This section contains articles on modeling specific Lehigh Valley Railroad passenger cars. Information on prototype LVRR passenger cars, with just a list of available models, is contained on the passenger equipment page in the “LVRR Equipment” section.

Since it takes almost as much work to prepare these articles as it does to write one for magazine publication, the rate at which this information is supplied will depend on how much is contributed by readers. One advantage of the web over the printed page is that these articles can be presented in incomplete form, and updated as new information becomes available. So, your feedback on articles can be used to improve the articles – thanks in advance!

Passenger Car Decals

Microscale MC-4197 supplies imitation gold (buff) lettering for Lehigh Valley passenger cars in the Cornell Red scheme. Two sizes of road name lettering are supplied, so it may be possible to do two cars with one decal set, if the cars use different size road names.

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