LVRR Equipment

C628s Beth TermPhoto by Dale Woodland

Most of the pages here contain charts of information abstracted from publications such as the Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER), publications from the various railroad historical societies, and the railfan and model railroad press. In each of these charts, there are columns listing the available models, and often some comments on their accuracy and running ability. Comments on how to improve the models, and references or links to photos of the prototype or completed models, are included whenever possible. There are separate modeling pages with more in-depth information, and as Lehigh Valley Railroad Modeler matures, I hope to include complete articles on how to model LVRR equipment, illustrated with photos and diagrams.

Steam Locomotives

Diesel Locomotives

Diesel Locomotive Horns

Freight Cars


Passenger Equipment

All-Postal Cars

Maintenance-of-Way & Other Work Cars

As always, your comments and contributions are welcome. If you find errors, or can add some information that is missing, or add your perspective to what you see in these pages, please send me an e-mail note.

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