LVRR on the Internet

LV Web Sites (arranged in order of estimated usefulness to LV modelers)

Anthracite Railroads Historical Society – The only historical society covering the Lehigh Valley Railroad in depth for railfans and modelers. See this web site for information about subscriptions and back issues of Flags, Diamonds and Statues magazine, upcoming meetings and annual conventions, and sales of LVRR books and models, some available only through the ARHS.

Railroading in the Northeast: Lehigh Valley Roster – Another good source of LVRR diesel roster shots, with multiple photos of many engines. Also features a nice system map showing connecting railroads, the complete text of “One Hundred Years of The Lehigh Valley,” an address given in 1946, a condensed LVRR history, and a 1938 list of employees.

George Elwood’s Fallen Flags Photos (LVRR) – The largest web collection of roster photos, including some freight cars and cabooses. Good selection of LV photos, but check out the other railroads while you are there, particularly for run-through or leased locomotives or rolling stock that appeared frequently on the Valley!

Scot Lawrence’s Lehigh Valley Railroad Survivors – a collection of information on former LVRR diesels that still exist, as well as structures that still stand and rail lines that are still active. Also includes some fun photo tours of today’s right of way.

Henry Sundermeyer’s Fallen Flag Railroads of New Jersey: Lehigh Valley – A great source for grade profiles, and track profiles of the LVRR’s New Jersey trackage. Also contains 1923 and 1949 passenger schedules.

Bill Kisselstein’s Lehigh Valley Mail List Photo Page – A good source for LVRR operations documents such as Train Data Sheets (form 166), Train Orders (form 19), and excerpts from some timetables and manuals. The photo section has been shown as “under construction” for over a year. Home of the lehighvalleyrr e-group.

Lehigh Valley Railroad – Pottsville Division – excellent collection of stories, photos and maps about the branch that existed 1890-1953 from Lizard Creek Jct. to Blackwood

Jeff Forys’ Niagara Jct. Photographs and Stories – a railfan’s collection of information about a favorite spot, where the LVRR Niagara Falls Branch split from the mainline

E-Groups (in order of estimated activity)

anthraciterr – Yahoo’s “online meeting place of the Anthracite Railroad Historical Society.” Founded 8/12/98, 408 members as of 2/1/2002, 1331 messages in 2001.

ARHS Facebook page – great place to share history, images and events related to the LVRR and other anthracite railroads

thevalley – Yahoo’s “discussion of railroads with emphasis on the Lehigh Valley Railroad past and existing portions operated by other lines including Conrail and related connecting railroads throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.” Founded 6/14/1998, 198 members as of 2/1/2002, 466 messages in 2001.

lehighvalleyrr – “This list is dedicated to discussion of the Lehigh Valley, past, present and future of what remains of ‘The Route Of The Black Diamond’.”

LVRR Collector & Modeler – one more Yahool list that is “open to anything that relates to or affects the Lehigh Valley Railroad collector or the modeler of the ‘ Route of the Black Diamond’.” Founded 1/13/2000, 44 members as of 2/1/2001, 38 messages in 2001.

LVRR Maps On-Line

USGS Topographical Map Explorer, provides topo maps from present day and, after clicking on the map of your selected location, offers choices from several different past years.

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