LVRR Operations

more GP38s at SayrePhoto by Rick Rubino

What you’ll find here is information about how the Lehigh Valley Railroad operated, especially in its later years, when a good deal of its revenue came from bridge traffic. Who were its customers, what did they ship, what trains served them, which railroads did the LV interchange with and where, and what trains moved all this on-line and bridge traffic over the road?

These are the questions the modeler has to ask in order to operate a model railroad in a manner that bears at least some resemblance to the prototype. Operating your model railroad can add a lot of fun to an already fascinating hobby. To “operate” you don’t need to go “whole hog” with timetables and fast clocks, nor do you have to represent every train that the prototype ran. How far you go is up to you, but regardless of how deep you want to go, I think you’ll find that information about how the real LVRR did things will add to your enjoyment!

Information about the physical plant (locomotives and rolling stock, structures, etc.) will be found in the Equipment section.

LVRR Maps and Track Charts

Freight Train Books

On-Line Customers and Interchange Traffic

Freight Schedules & Locomotive Rosters

Passenger Train Schedules & Consists

Operating Forms

Business Documents

Interlocking Towers & Telegraph Calls

* If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy here.

** Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg, PA. Uncatalogued material in Manuscript Group 274.

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