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AllentownStationThese pages linked below contain information about the prototype Lehigh Valley Railroad passenger cars, with notes on available models. Links are provided to articles on modeling LVRR-specific passenger cars, which can be found in the Modeling Passenger Cars pages.

The info presented on these pages is based largely on the drawings presented in Lehigh Valley Railroad Passenger Cars: Photo and Diagram Book No. 1, by M. Mickey & D. Warfel, Railroad Avenue Enterprises, 1980. (There is no volume 2, as far as I know.) This is a collection of official LVRR diagrams, reproduced in HO scale. Many, if not all, of these diagrams are available from the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, but these prints are to a larger scale.

The more detailed historical profiles were contributed by Richard Palmer, whose sources included  Lehigh Valley Railroad records transcribed by Joseph Fabregas, Waverly, N.Y., The Complete Roster of Heavyweight Pullman Cars (Wayner Pubications, 1985) and A  Century of Pullman Cars Vol. II by Ralph L. Barger (Greenberg Publishing Co. 1990).



Other Credits: HO brass model recommendations – Joe Zyla; N scale model recommendations – Claus Schlund & Ray Stilwell; Prototype photo references – Claus Schlund


Modeling LV passenger cars

Typical 1950s passenger consists

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