On-line Customers & Interchange Traffic

Chart of On-Line Shippers, Their Locations, and Traffic Generated (1969 – 1972)
This chart was assembled from over 150 pages of Traffic Track Diagrams issued by the Sales Department, plus Employee Timetables issued by the Operations Department. Carload figures are currently available for only these four years.

Example Traffic Track Diagram: Bethlehem Sales Territory, 1972 (447K PDF file*) Source: PSA MG-274**
Many people have asked about what the LVRR Sales Department called “traffic track diagrams,” or sometimes “track charts.” These were not graphical representations of the trackage, but lists of customers according to where they were located. Customers along the main line were shown as being on the north or south (railroad direction) of the tracks, and often had mileages listed for them. Branch Line customers did not have locations shown very clearly – neither N or S of tracks nor mileages, and often only grouped together by town, not necessarily in the order they were encountered. Since each Sales Territory issued its own Traffic Track Diagram, they did not all look the same. The one linked here is typical – neither the clearest nor the most obsure! It was chosen because it represents its entire Sales Territory in only seven pages, the shortest of all those issued.

Customer Lists, probably 1974  (398K PDF file*) Source: PSA MG-274**
It looks like these were probably submitted as a result of a request from the executive offices. The last two pages are from the Bethlehem Sales Territory’s 1973 Traffic Track Diagram, with hand updates for 1973.

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