Whitehall Cement

Probably a company aerial photo (click to enlarge),  circa 1950-55, of Whitehall Cement, located near MP 100 in Cementon, PA. The plant accounted for 2392 carloads in 1969, declining to 1281 in 1972, according to the LVRR Traffic Track Diagrams issued by the Bethlehem District Sales Department.

SW8 266 heading up to plant to retrieve empty slag hoppers  Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002

“Here is an SW8 cab shot (fireman’s side) in the Whitehall Cement coal yard.  I was along for the ride as a kid.  Kodachrome 10 taken November 1961.  Soft coal was unloaded and stockpiled on the southwest side of the cement mill.  The SW8 would shove the cars and a brakeman would ride them to a stop.” – Tom Biery  Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002

This July 1961 shot shows an SW8 and caboose with two Alco PAs in the background.  The PAs hauled the cement trains, while the “pups” handled coal deliveries.  Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002

“Not much in the yard on weekends. Just a Buffalo – NY train passing through around 2 pm.” – Tom Biery Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002

“An eastbound Lehighton – Easton local headed by ALCO PA 602 passes a group of LV hoppers at Cementon.  I do not know if the hoppers were full or not.  Beats me.  They did deliver coal and slag for the operation.” – Tom Biery  Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002

“A westbound LV freight blasts through Cementon PA.  A 3 pm view on a hot July 1961 afternoon.” – Tom Biery  Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002

“Here is a November 1961 view from the cab.  Looking east toward Coplay.  This is the east connection to the mainline.  There was a large cinder (slag) dump about 30-40 feet high between the mainline track and the yard trackage.  I presume it was dumped there by the Coplay Iron Company located in Coplay before 1895.  Do not confuse with Thomas Iron in Hokendauqua.” – Tom Biery  Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002

An SW9 headed past Coplay enroute to Cementon. Pushing two hoppers loaded with slag, used in the cement process.  Photo copyright Tom Biery 2002