EMD F Units

F-Units in the 60s and 70s


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I’ve been collecting info from many sources on the Valley’s F-units, and until now haven’t organized them in any way. To start out with, this page will be a place to “park” these tidbits of prototype and model information until I get a chance to arrange it in a better way.

Spark Arrestors

LV F-units were fitted with screen type spark arrestors about a year after they were delivered. I haven’t yet found a photo that shows these clearly enough for my satisfaction, but they appear to be simple rectangles of screen rolled into a half tube and attached to the top of the exhaust stacks, probably by straps although I can’t see the attachment method in any photo. It’s not clear to me if the ends were open or closed in with a semi-circle of screening. Cal-Scale makes an HO scale brass casting that includes both the exhaust stack and spark arrestor, so you would have to cut off the kit exhaust stacks and substitute these. You could duplicate the Cal-Scale spark arrestor with a 17/64″ length of 3/16″ plastic tubing, cut in half and sanded to a height of 1/16″. Attach this directly to the kit exhaust. Details West #139 or OMI #9568 have been described as similar, but I haven’t seen these parts myself.


Unit Type Date Color Scheme Horn(s) Other

F3A and F3B

Unit Type Date Color Scheme Horn(s) Other

F7A and F7B

Spotting Features

  • 36 inch dynamic brake exhaust fan
  • Dual sealed beam headlights behind glass cover plate
Unit Type Date Color Scheme Other
574 F7A 1966 – 1972 Cornell Red/Black Stripes – never repainted Used F3 dyanamic brake roof hatch after a rebuild sometime in 1966 until traded in.

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