Glen Larimer’s Bethlehem Union Station Model

Glen was fortunate to have access to Bethlehem Union Station during its renovation into a St. Luke’s Hospital outpatient center. He was able to take measurements and draw elevations, which were valuable reference materials during the 50+ hours it took to build the model. Not being a big fan of working with styrene brick sheets, Glen used matte board and hand-scribed the brickwork with an X-acto knife. “A lot of work, but I saved time only doing the front and sides, since you can’t see the back,” he explained.

Wood strip and dowels were used for the pillars, and layers of strip make up the cornice work. Windows were created with clear sheet and translucent architectural drawing film. Microscale Roman lettering decals, Architectural Trees and Model Power lightposts finished off the details.

Beth Station

Bethlehem Station

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